Alibaba Group Malaysia (TMF)

Taobao Maker Festival 2021 - Immersive Integrated Game Experience

Campaign Ideation / Copywriting / Visual Design / Video Production / Visual Adaptation


Key Achievements

Campaign has achieved high engagement rate of 24%
487% higher than benchmark*

Plan & Set up a Chatbot quiz for Alibaba Group MY, HK, TH, ID & JP.

Increased 300> organic Instagram followers in less than 2 weeks

*Source: We Are Social 2020; Benchmark: 4.13%.

The Brief

Alibaba’s Taobao Maker Festival is an annual celebration of young entrepreneurs showcasing the platform’s innovative works and designs. Held in Shanghai in 2021, the festival is transformed into a large-scale treasure hunt online and offline integrated experience. As overseas audience would not be able to experience the onground gamification, how can we bring the excitement to audiences outside of Shanghai?

The Solution

Based on the 2021 festival’s theme “The Lost Treasure”, we’ve developed an interactive social media campaign that aims to bring the exciting treasure hunt adventure to audiences – all on social media. The immersive campaign includes an interactive story game using chatbot, in which the audience can find out their characters. The campaign has been adapted into different languages aside from English in Malaysia, for campaigns in Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, drawing in a monumental number of participants across APAC region.


Fun Fact!

The idea of turning the campaign into an adventure game has sparked many great inspirations from the team – we enjoyed every bit of crafting the game, as we love playing games ourselves!

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