The Old Captain

Localised Seafood Recipes - Enhancing Freshness & Convenience

Campaign Ideation / Copywriting / Video Production

The Brief

The Old Captain is a seafood delivery business aiming to provide fresh, quality seafood for the working crowd and people with busy lifestyles. For the target audience, convenience and time-saving are their top priorities. To attract the target market, we highlighted and leveraged on the freshness of the seafood, as well as how easy it is to make delicious seafood dishes from them.

The Solution

Malaysians love food and the trend of food videos has always been on the rise. We’ve also found that localised recipes content are usually popular among Malaysian audience. With this insight, we have come up with a series of recipe videos, featuring easy to cook, simple and delicious local, traditional seafood dishes.


Fun Fact!

The recipes featured were client’s family recipes. Not only did the recipes accentuated the freshness of the seafood used in the videos, they were also so easy to follow that beginners like most of the team could produce lip-smacking dishes effortlessly!

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