Yinee Signature

Professional Posture Management - Companion For Beauty & Confidence

Campaign Ideation / Copywriting / Visual Design


Key Achievements

In Year 2021: High engagement rate of 10.2%
150% higher than benchmark*

In Year 2021: Achieved high number of inquiries and achieved high conversion of 25%

In Year 2021: Achieved 1,334 organic page likes for the new page built from scratch

*Source: We Are Social 2020; Benchmark: 4.13%.

The Brief

The more premium line of Yinee, a well-established brand in Johor, Yinee Signature offers professional posture management using non-intrusive, painless freehand technique. Yinee Signature faced the challenge of building brand awareness in a new territory Klang Valley, as well as changing audience’s perception towards postural management. We were tasked to create Yinee Signature’s social media branding from scratch, that is unique and different from Yinee, yet keeping the essence of Yinee.

The Solution

With educational and beauty-related lifestyle content for the female target audience, especially those who are mothers, we’ve established Yinee Signature as the trusted companion when it comes to both postural health and regaining confidence. By reminding the audience of the connection between looking good and feeling confident,  the campaign has attracted many new customers.

Fun Fact!

The team learns so much about the importance of postural health while working on the campaign; some of us decided to invest in adjustable laptop stand and better working chairs!

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