DSY Beauty

100% Natural Health Food - Branding As Family Health Expert

Campaign Ideation / Copywriting / Visual Design / Video Production


Key Achievements

Within 3 months: High engagement rate of 18%
335.8% higher than benchmark*

Within 3 months: Healthy CTR of 1.01%
12.2% higher than benchmark**

Within 3 months: Facebook fans has increased by 179.7%

*Source: We Are Social 2020; Benchmark: 4.13%.
**Source: Instapage, Facebook Advertising Benchmark 2020; Benchmark: 0.9%

The Brief

Established in 2020, DSY Beauty strives to offer a variety of 100% natural plant-based health food to help people achieve health and beauty inside out. With people become more and more health-conscious, the brand aims to leverage on this new wave, however, not without the challenge of gaining trust and becoming the first choice for audience despite a competitive market.

The Solution

We’ve positioned DSY Beauty as the trusted and caring family health expert in the campaign promoting The Original Goji Juice. Through sharing useful and informative health insights, with a thorough understanding of the target audience’s needs – to take care of themselves and their families, the campaign has boosted engagement in a short period of time, gaining audience’s trust.


Fun Fact!

In the efforts to bring the most authentic descriptions of the product to the audience, we’ve tried the Original Goji Juice and we could all testify that it tasted real good – not too sweet, does not remind you of Chinese herbs – it’s just good; you have to try it yourself!

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