A gratitude act towards elderlies

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LeRoy International, previously known as Visconti Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, has been in the Network Marketing business since 1996. Meanwhile, LeRoy 3RFlex is a proprietary food formulation of nutrients for the bone and joints nutrition consists of Hydrolysed collagen.


We found out that most of the Malaysian often thought that joint or bone pain is a sign of aging that can’t be cured. Also, we realised that Chinese Malaysians are heavily attached to their parents, as they are willing to spend more on necessary goods and services that can help their parents live healthily.


We position LeRoy 3RFlex as a brand that not only provides joint and bone solution but as a sign of good act for gifting to the elderlies. Hence, we develop and standardize the image direction with engaging content to create a strong brand positioning. With our digital funnel, we optimize the cost to use CTA postings to reach the right target audience.