Wellness ATP

New Health Service Platform - Building Brand Presence From Scratch

Campaign Ideation / Copywriting / Visual Design


Key Achievements

Within 3 months:
High engagement rate of 17.7%
429% higher than benchmark*

Within 3 months:
Achieved 600 organic page likes in total for the new page

*Source: We Are Social 2020; Benchmark: 4.13%.

The Brief

Wellness ATP is a health service provider and platform which advocates healthy lifestyle, by offering health assessment for consumers to better understand their health condition. The business face challenge in building brand recognition as a new player in the market with 0 brand awareness.

The Solution

Leveraging on health-related tips and knowledge that can be associated with the brand and relevant to the target audience, we’ve created a campaign that strived to make being healthy simpler with easy to digest and engaging content, transforming health knowledge into something fun to share with peers. This has also helped to establish Wellness ATP’s brand authority.

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