Purple Cane

Tea Mooncakes Launch - Adding a contemporary edge

Campaign Ideation / Copywriting / Visual Design / Video Production


Key Achievements

High engagement rate
of 35.7%
864% higher than benchmark*

Healthy CTR of 5.6%
626% higher than benchmark**

mooncakes from online store!

*Source: We Are Social 2020; Benchmark: 4.13%.
**Source: Instapage, Facebook Advertising Benchmark 2020; Benchmark: 0.9%.

The Brief

Purple Cane is known for its range of healthy tea products. With the rise of health-conscious consumers, Purple Cane launched its tea mooncake range during Mid Autumn Festival. However, many people were not aware of the tea mooncake due to fierce competition it the market.

The Solution

We’ve positioned Purple Cane as a young and trendy brand, instilling the contemporary vibe with traditional culture being practised. With online video as the hero, and retarget audiences with other interesting social media content and Google to increase awareness and drive traffic to online store, we have achieved a remarkable growth in engagement rate and sales results.


Fun Fact!

We have cut more than 30 mooncakes when producing the video to get the perfect shot. But don’t worry – no mooncake has gone to waste, we’ve finished all the mooncake after that!!!

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